A pirate story about the life of Ingela Gathenhielm.
Cast: Ayla Kabaca, Klas Backman, Thomas Hansy, David Hansson.
Director: Ylva Hällen
Costume: Majli af Ekenstam
Illustrations, scenography and props: Jason Southgate
Sound and light: Olle P Redlund
Piratrottningen is a newly written music and theater performance for children between 6–11 years of age. The performance is inspired by the life of Ingela Olofsdotter Gathenhielm and takes place both in today's Onsala, Gathenhielmska graven and in the 18th century privateering on the coast of Halland and Gothenburg.
The audience get to meet Ingela the Ghost who wakes up after 300 years of sleep and playfully tells her life story. With the help of two musicians from today and her husband, the ghost Lars "Lasse i Gatan" Gathenhielm, we get to follow along on the adventurous journey when Ingela took over the hijacking business in both Gothenburg and Kattegatt.

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