Hotel Adyton

Hotel Adyton is a mobile art scene with the possibility of overnight stays - a room for collective creation and reflection, regardless of previous experience of art. Named after the innermost room in the ancient temple of healing, the business seeks to create contexts where we can jointly maintain our imagination. A place for contemplation and togetherness that revolves around caring for the familiar, against the background of a time of worry and absence of dreams
Hotel Adyton has been developed by the Reception - a collaborative project between the architect Pierre Mosser, the curator Henrik Sputnes together with the designer Majli af Ekenstam with the aim of strengthening civic participation in the city, via a mobile art platform.
Hotel Adyton is housed in a tent-based module. The module consists of a sea urchin-shaped outer tent that protects from rain and wind. The seven inner tents are set up for the night and function as a private zone where the guest can retreat for sleep/contemplation. Fashion designer and set designer Majli af Ekenstam has designed seven separate signature patterns on the inside of each individual inner tent. The module consists exclusively of recyclable materials.​​​​​​​
Hotel Adyton is run in collaboration with Järnhallen - Ringöns konsthall, Alldes Matkultur / Hey Its Enrico Pallazzo and Saltet, with support from the Statens kulturråd, Västra Götalandsregionens kulturnämnd, Göteborgs Stads kulturnämnd, Näringslivsgruppen vid Göteborg & Co.

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